We can customize a wide range of floor mats according to your specific needs, including entrance mats, interior mats, drainage mats, and more!

We provide complete solutions for commercial floor mats, including entrance mats, interior mats, drainage mats and all the floor mats you can possibly need for your building.

    1. Hotel
    2. Hotel We provide durable and attractive mats to protect floors, guests, and workers in many areas of hotels. For example, quality entrance mats help to reduce cleaning costs and capture dirt and moisture so that it is not dragged throughout the rest of the building.
    1. School
    2. School Schools feature large flows of students moving between classes and activities. This amount of foot traffic can result in difficult cleaning and potential safety hazards. Therefore, anti-slip mats are a great way to ensure the safety of students and faculty members.
    1. Hospital
    2. Hospital Hospitals have extremely high cleanliness requirements compared to most locations. We offer a full range of mat types made of various materials to prevent dirt and dust from being brought into and spread throughout the hospital. They also help to prevent slips and falls.
  • Manufacturing Capability
    1. 38pieces of equipment
    2. 60sets of moldsuipment
    3. 18000m2a monthly manufacturing capability

    As a professional manufacturer of commercial and household floor mats, we have significant experience in the customization of floor mats with applied logos or patterns for wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

    With a factory equipped with 38 pieces of floor mat production equipment and 60 sets of molds, we have everything needed to provide you with fully customized floor mats with a monthly output capacity of 18,000 square meters. We can work with you to produce mats that are suitable for your application by customizing the materials, colors, textures, thickness, dimensions, borders, and backing.

About us

Here at Dezhou Yirun Environmental Protection Technology, we specialize in the design and production of high quality floor mats for various applications. We offer fully customizable mats according to your material, color, texture, thickness, dimension, border, and backing requirements. We even have equipment to produce mats with custom logos and patterns. Whether you are looking for quality entrance mats, interior mats, anti-fatigue mats, drainage mats, carpet mats, or logo mats, we have you covered! Contact us today to learn more.